Grab the Game

If you cannot download the game, for whichever reason, or in case you discover some bugs/error or other omissions within the game, or this website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Also, obviously I'd like to hear what you think about the game. Is it too hard/too easy and—
obviously most importantly: is it fun?

My contact form can be found here. I read all the mail I get!

Download Windows Version

Download Invaders: Corruption (Windows) 1.2.8 from this website [10.8MB]

Download Mac Version

Download Invaders: Corruption (OS X Intel) 1.2.8 from this website [11.3MB]

Grab the Soundtrack

For more soundtracks and songs, head to Carlo Castellano's website. Or head here and give the soundtrack a listen on-line.

Download the Soundtrack

Download Invaders: Corruption - The Soundtrack from this website [25.0MB, MP3 192Kbit Stereo]
Download Invaders: Corruption - The Soundtrack from cloudshare [25.0MB, MP3 192Kbit Stereo]

Cover and Boxart

After receiving several requests, I decided to add a file containing two sets of box-art to this section.
Go ahead, be the envy of your friends, download this, print it out—make your own limited edition of Invaders: Corruption!

Download the 'Invaders: Corruption' cover-art from this website [1.7MB, ZIP/PNG]

Grab some Wallpapers

Let the invaders come to your desktop, too! Download these wallpapers containing rows and rows of generative invaders. These pictures are the unedited output of the generator.

Available resolutions: 800x600, 1024x768, 1600x1200, 1280x800, 1920x1200, 2560x1600

Download the wallpaper pack from this website [8.8MB, ZIP/PNG]

Revision History

Release 1.2.8

  • Fixes Bug In Resolution Enumeration
  • Generally Made Resolution Enumeration More Sane
  • Improvements To Graphical Seed Diversity
  • Small Menu Fixes

Release 1.2.7

  • Breaks compatibility with 1.2.6 hi-score files
  • Adds power-up overview to help-screen
  • Adds a seed-difficulty tiering system
  • Improves joystick calibration and handling
  • Fixes multiplier not increasing for "NET MIND" scores

Release 1.2.6

  • Adds toggle for auto-fire, switch with the F7 key
  • Improves Thief despawning animation
  • Improves help-screen spelling
  • Small fix to the tracking of the "NOMADIC BONUS"

Release 1.2.5 - The 'App Store Update'

  • OS X: Now stores configuration files and high-score files in the User/Library folder
  • OS X: Fixed settings retention on non-admin user accounts
  • OS X: Fixed Crash on 10.7 when altering graphic-settings repeatedly
  • OS X: Added new high resolution 512 px application icon
  • Windows XP: Fixes issues with the mouse in windowed mode
  • Windows XP: Fixes some smaller issues with unicode locales
  • Fixes an exploit relating to the bomb power-up
  • Fixes automatic pause sometimes not pausing the game properly
  • Fixed menu-sounds playing during online score exchange
  • Fixes lightning-strike effect graphic when corruption strikes other invaders
  • Fixes slow motion not being retained during pause
  • Fixes cursor still animating during pause
  • Fixes menu, bomb icon and some backgrounds becoming misaligned; switching resolutions
  • Fixes motion blur & color cycling being affected by v-sync setting on some machines
  • Fixes "lightning strike" sound effect being almost inaudible
  • Fixes intro splash screens to always work properly
  • Fixes a rare graphical error in 'Digipede' and 'Corrupted Invader' enemies
  • Fixes an easter-egg related crash, introduced in 1.2.3 when changing the seed
  • Fixes damage animation sometimes not playing for 'Advanced Minelayer'
  • Fixes a bug where the seed was set to '' (nothing)
  • Fixes a bug where key mappings weren't retained after resetting to defaults
  • Fixes screen-shake not happening with some graphics cards when v-sync was turned off
  • Fixes 'Thief' stealing power-ups the player does not actually have during frenzy-mode
  • Fixes a small memory leak
  • Extensively improves game balancing and per-seed difficulty settings
  • Improves 'Data Probe' hit checks; more favorable towards the player
  • Improves performance, frame-rate-stability and slightly reduces memory usage
  • Improves game timing; especially without vertical synchronization
  • Improves visual effects for corruption nodes, corrupted invaders
  • Improves visual effects for the player ship, spinners and invaders
  • Improves visual effect for the Immolation power-up
  • Improves online score-reliability in case of server downtime/closure
  • Improves visual feedback on unavailable menu options
  • Improves menu legibility; darkening option values
  • Improves visual variety of the 'Spinner' enemy-type
  • Improves power-up behavior when dropped by thief
  • Improves frenzy mode; now it always waits until enough enemies are on screen
  • Improves mouse handling in windowed mode
  • Improves screenshot-function; no more cryptic filenames! Now auto-increments file number
  • Adds a flashing notification when the frenzy bar is full but not enough enemies are on screen to start the frenzy
  • Adds tool-tip displaying the current difficulty when selecting seeds in menu and Hi-Score table
  • Adds a live difficulty preview when selecting the core-seed
  • Adds two ALL NEW backgrounds with fluid animation: dot matrix and retro CGA style
  • Adds the option to always chose the core-seed's background setting
  • Adds adjustable 'Dead Zone' for joypads and joysticks
  • Adds three tiers of bonuses awarded when not standing still for at least 35 seconds
  • Adds graphics card resolution enumeration, instead of predefined resolution table
  • Adds settings retention when quitting with ALT+F4 (Windows) or Command+Q (Mac)
  • Adds the option to delete all input texts with the 'Delete' key
  • Adds a new mechanic where bouncy shots now also bounce off laser barriers
  • Adds some new easter eggs; maybe you already heard them; who knows? :)
  • Tweaked 'Time-Stretch' power-up to slightly extend timed extras 'Bouncy Shot','Super Shot'
  • Tweaked Chasers and Data Probes to be slightly faster
  • Tweaked power-up likeliness to increase for distressed players
  • Tweaked info screen to show current version and current control setup
  • Tweaked cursor size to be the same at resolutions smaller than 1024x768
  • Tweaked 'Thief' enemy-type to be less suicidal when stealing
  • This update breaks compatibility with previous high-score files

Release 1.2.3

  • Adds all new enemy, the "DATA PROBE"
  • Adds new selectable backgrounds
  • Adds new shot particle effects
  • Adds customizable motion blur settings
  • Adds higher quality frame-buffer settings
  • Adds some new sound effects
  • Faster and much more reliable online connection
  • Greatly improved Net Mind, Digipede enemy AI behaviors
  • Tweaked the power-up spawning routines
  • Tweaked glow effects to be more glow-y
  • Tweaked sound and music to stop during pause mode
  • Tweaked early gameplay to ramp up quicker
  • Balanced super-shot behavior
  • Revised "NEAR MISS" system to be more sane
  • Removed exploitable debug routines
  • Made high-score table seeds more legible
  • Fixed a bug relating to resolution changes
  • Fixed a bug where the game didn't retain all settings
  • Fixed several other gameplay-relevant bugs

Release 1.2.2

  • Smoother background animations
  • Fixes changing to desktop resolution in full-screen mode not being possible
  • Fixes small graphical glitch in the help screen
  • Fixes mouse getting lost during resolution switches
  • Fixes aspect ratio changes not immediately taking effect
  • Fixed a bug where the spawns would be greatly reduced after reaching 3,3 million points
  • Tweaked shot behavior to be more balanced
  • Slightly increased enemy cap during endgame

Release 1.2.1

  • Fixes black level setting not being retained after a restart
  • Added notification when trying to switch to unsupported fullscreen modes ingame with F10
  • Fixes graphical corruption occuring when task-switching under OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Lion

Release 1.2.0

  • Added experimental widescreen support
  • Smaller bug-fixes, performance tweaks and enhancements
  • In all likeliness the final version

Release 1.1.0

  • Added a custom graphic for the "DUAL SHOT" power-up
  • Re-fixed the motion-blur display of the shot-color, which was broken in
  • Further tweaks to the power-up spawning algorithm


  • Hot-fix for core seed name not showing up properly in the main menu

Release 1.0.9

  • Adds endgame "DUAL SHOT" extra, which combines "BOUNCY SHOT" and "SUPER SHOT" extras
  • Fixed a memory leak when changing the core seed repeatedly (Thanks Marco)
  • Resolved bug where the motion-blur would not match the shot-color after changing seeds
  • Reduced likeliness of shield extra early in game in favor of offensive extras
  • Corrected some minor spelling errors
  • Breaks compatibility to 1.0.8 hi-score files
  • Small CPU performance enhancements

Release 1.0.8

  • Fixed a bug, where the game would not save the 'UP' key for the dual-analog input
  • Fixed accidentally firing a bomb upon starting a game with a joystick connected
  • Resolved a graphical glitch where 'Boids' and 'Data Fragments' would flash when hitting a 'MineLayer'
  • Revised internal timing logic to be more efficient
  • By popular demand: Re-added the 'Relative Mouse' control scheme, which controls similar to 'Asteroids'
  • Added more end-game behaviors for the 'Thief' enemy type

Release 1.0.7

  • Fixed unreliable enemy spawn behavior for very high scores (Thanks Mehuyael)
  • 'Frenzy Mode' is now always triggered properly
  • Fixed problem where sometimes 'Bouncy Shot' and 'Super Shot' would not trigger
  • Fixed 'Wipeout Bonus' again

Release 1.0.6

  • Fixed positioning when rock-bottom for online hi-scores, again
  • Fixed 'Wipeout Bonus' not being awarded properly
  • 'Frenzy Mode' is now only triggered if at least 20 enemies are visible, otherwise it waits

Release 1.0.5

  • Warning! This update breaks compatibility with previous hi-score files!
  • Fixed online hi-score table not always displaying the correct rank
  • Fixed several graphical bugs in the online hi-score table
  • Fixed not being able to set seeds above the divider line
  • Fixed bottom-most online-scores not displaying correctly in ranking
  • Small stability improvements

Release 1.0.4

  • Difficulty increase is much more linear
  • Multiplier trigger-values streamlined
  • Seeds vary 10% more in their difficulty
  • Triple cannon now guaranteed before 620.000 points
  • Difficulty after 900.000 points reduced
  • Moved game-speed increase from 1.100.000 to 1.900.000 points
  • Buffed 'Thrust Boost' once more
  • Small visual fix to the online hi-score list for very long names
  • Improved data fragment shot collision code
  • Fixed problem where few enemies would spawn, when starting a game
  • Countless other small tweaks

Release 1.0.3

  • Made the action ramp up a bit quicker, shortening the initial 'stretch'
  • Made enemies spawn a bit further away from the player
  • Fixed monthly scores display not being able to count to 20 (Displayed 21)
  • Better wording for the control setup screen (Move Up/Down instead of Accelerate/Brake)

Release 1.0.2

  • Added: Can return to the gameplay after submitting a score online
  • Power-up spawn code tweaked further
  • Prevent darker invaders from spawning
  • Extended bomb initial protection time by 55%
  • Shot Speed / Fire Rate and Thrust Power-Ups buffed
  • Fixed mistyped enemy name for 'Erratic Spinner'

Release 1.0.1

  • Fixed 'F' key accidentally toggling fullscreen mode
  • Fixed a problem with a keyboard registry hack
  • Power-up spawn code tweaked to be more fair

Release 1.0.0

  • Initial release for Windows/Mac