Gameplay Trailer

"Staff pick."


I fell in love with the graphical style very quickly, and the game-play isn't lacking either. I did find it quite difficult; but that's not a problem at all.

- Pocket Ninja, TIGSource

Recent News

'Invaders Corruption' is now, in a much improved version — finally available on the App Store. If you are a Mac-Citizen be sure to go to the link in the sidebar to grab the most recent version. No more checking by hand for version updates!

Even so, Windows users don't need to fret, the game is still free and I will have a special treat for both of you in place soon. Stay tuned for the next news release.

Oh and I almost forgot:

Have fun playing and thank you for the many, many downloads!

General Information

Invaders: Corruption is a free, independently developed arena shooter developed and designed by Manuel van Dyck. It is available for free through this site, or other portal sites such as
The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible, evading and shooting Invaders, collecting power-ups, and when successful—posting your scores on-line sharing your generation 'Core Seeds' with other players.

Curious for more? This is not the first game I've designed, in fact—there are two other games. Both of which can all be found in my online-portfolio here.

Additional Info

Procedural Generation

Invaders: Corruption is a fully procedurally generated arcade game available for Windows and OS X.
Fully procedurally generated means, after entering a keyword, every enemy, the appearance of the player's ship, the arena itself, the gameplay and so forth - will be based on whatever keyword has been entered. Different keywords will result different looking and behaving games.

Creating Invaders: Corruption

Initially what you see here was not a game. It was a design experiment, to research if well articulated, recognizable logo shapes are formulaic, or if they are in fact—random. This experiment then branched off into a video-game, whose size and impact I initially couldn't have fathomed.

In the end I ended up creating the "look" for the game, programming and handling promotion and production of assets, as well as directing the creative output of a sound designer and a musician. While it was a free collaboration, it was still exciting to see the project grow, helping the contributors to coordinate the project into the worthwhile, fun and presentable game it became.

If you want to know more about procedural generation, Wikipedia has comprehensive information.